Ethical & Accessibility Issues

Ethical Issues

In order to avoid any potential copyright issues, I am creating the multimedia content included myself – including the Moodle icons, representative images of E-Commerce and Mail Merge, and the tutorial videos. The information contained in the PowerPoint has been appropriately referenced using APA referencing, in order to acknowledge where information has been borrowed from.

When it comes to the website screenshots I have used in the E-Commerce PowerPoint, this appears to be a gray area when it comes to copyright issues. It doesn’t appear as though anyone has been prosecuted for using website screenshots, as the defense of ‘fair use’ seems to have held. However, no guidelines have been produced as to when using website screenshots may be considered in breach of copyright. Some self-imposed restrictions of using website screenshots were found at, where it was suggested to:

  • Keep the screenshots relatively small
  • Use a limited number of screenshots from any one source
  • Use the screenshots for primarily instructional uses

Personally, I think the use of screenshots in educational learning material can be viewed as ‘fair use’. Also considered ‘fair use’ is the use of Microsoft’s Word program in the Mail Merge video tutorials – there could be a potential copyright issue if using this program in commercial tutorials though.

Accessibility Issues

Originally it was proposed that the Mail Merge tutorial videos only covered Office 2010 programs, however I change this to include the use of Office 2007 programs as well. I did this as I felt that not all students would have Office 2010 at home to practice with. Taking this one step further, the files to be used for the Mail Merge tutorials and practical exercises are compatible with Office XP, in order to make the activities accessible to a larger audience. Other documents available to students are also compatible with Office XP. Also, for the E-Commerce lecture, both a PowerPoint and PDF version have been made available – this is to give the students a choice.

In order to reached an audience beyond the students taking the EIT ITSP5.01 course, the E-Commerce lecture has been uploaded to Slideshare, while the Mail Merge videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

Some students may have poor Internet connections at home – Word document tutorials corresponding to the Mail Merge video tutorials could be produced in the future as an offline alternative.

The default sizing of Flash presentations in EIT’s Moodle environment (due to the Administrative settings) could potentially exclude users from using it, as it has become reduced to the point where the Mail Merge video tutorials are barely viewable – a user is likely to click to view it on YouTube.


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