Blog Post 7.2

Online Courses

Examples of online courses can be seen at

My contribution was the online course material from MIT at


Blog Post 7.1

Online Portfolios (aka e-Portfolios)

Traditional portfolios are essentially an organised showcase demonstrating skills that could be of use for future employment. E-portfolios use the Internet as the medium for the showcase.

LinkedIn ( is a site commonly used by professionals to store their e-portfolios.

Mahara is an online content management system that can also be used for creating, organising and storing e-portfolios. As an EIT student, I can have access to myPortfolio ( which is a Mahara based application. Compared to LinkedIn, Mahara is a bit restrictive as far as general access goes, as you have to log in to Mahara to see any e-portfolios. It is ideal if you want the restrictive access though.

Below is a partial screen capture of the myPortfolio dashboard:

In myPortfolio you can add personal details to your Profile, upload Files to share, create a Resume, post Journal / blog entries, and create pages to share including uploaded files. There are a variety of sharing options, including sharing with all users, a specific user / Friend or a Group of users that you belong to – you can also message your Friends and Group members like in social networking sites.

In the process of experimenting with a couple of things, I produced a page, including an uploaded image, to share with the lecturer, and uploaded a picture to place on my public profile – which acts as an avatar.

Here’s an introduction to Mahara: