Blog Post 3.3

Desirable IT Skills for Teachers Developing DLT Courseware

Basic Skills (common teaching skills):

  • Adapt to new IT
  • Collaboration & communication tools
  • Information management knowledge
  • Interactive white board skills (e.g. SmartBoard)
  • Inspire students to IT greatness
  • Learn IT
  • Presentation tools
  • Spreadsheets skills
  • Web searching skills

Intermmediate Skills (easier technological skills):

  • Blogging knowledge
  • Google Earth knowledge
  • Google tools knowledge
  • Mobile and handheld computing
  • RSS feeds
  • Social bookmarking knowledge
  • Social networking knowledge
  • Web2.0 Tools
  • Web resources in content area
  • Wiki knowledge

Advanced Skills (harder technological skills):

  • Database skills
  • Video and podcasting
  • Virtual worlds
  • Website design and management skills

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Turner, L. (2010) Technology Skills that Every Educator Should Have. Digital Learning Environments, NewBay Media LLC. Retrieved 1 March, 2012, from:


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