Blog Post 3.2

DLT Role in an Organisation

The following Digital Learning Technologies are used at Massey University – in particular for aiding their distance learning courses:

  1. Moodle – This online learning management system is at the heart of Massey’s Virtual Learning Environment called Stream (What is Stream?, 2012). It allows the learning material for distance learners to be made available on a paper basis (much like EIT’s EIT Online, which also has Moodle as a basis). It also helps the administration of paper assessments.
  2. Adobe Connect – This has also been added to Massey’s Stream environment (What is Stream?, 2012), which allows lecturers and distance learning students to interact in virtual classrooms (much like what occurs during our DLT lectures at EIT).
  3. E-Journals – A lot of the journals available in Massey’s library in paper form are also available in electronic form (Getting hold of the journal articles, 2012), which can be accessed for free when logged in with your MyMassey login details. For distance learners, this allows the almost instantanous access of research material – instead of waiting about a week for a photocopy of the wanted journal article to arrive by snail-mail.

I’d just like to add that it seems the distance learning environment at Massey seems to have improved since when I was a Massey distance learner. I was a distance learner under their older WebCT online learning environment, which was pretty much used to inform you of important dates, provide interactive forums, conduct online assessments, and maybe have some downloadable material (most was sent out by snail-mail, and assessments had to be sent by snail-mail or courier – only students overseas were allowed to email their assignments). I found the library e-journals extremely useful though as a distance learner.


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