Blog Post 3


Four identified pedagogys (i.e. the way the learning is delivered) are:

  1. Behaviourist/cognitive – includes self paced and individual study. E.g. Extramural study at Massey University using notes on Moodle – I work reasonably well individually, I just wish there were more notes online (like at EIT) instead of paper based. To integrate eLearning, online notes, such as wikis and downloadable content can be used – the entire course’s material should be available from the beginning to maximise self paced study.
  2. Constructivist – involves working in groups. E.g. Completing group lab/project work at EIT and Massey – this can be both good and bad, depending on whether other group members want to work or not. To integrate eLearning, group documents can be worked on using online content managers like Google Docs and Redmine.
  3. Connectivist – involves using networks and collectives. E.g. Using online forums to interact with teachers and other students at EIT and Massey – I’ve had good and bad experiences with these, and at the very least teachers should be willing to make timely responses when required (I had one Massey paper where us students spent over half the semester trying to help each other with no response from the teacher). To integrate eLearning, online forums, and mediums like Twitter, can be used to exchange information.
  4. Instructivist –  involves content being “taught” to students. E.g. Internal study at EIT and Massey – I don’t mind this, but to be honest I prefer self paced and individual study (sometimes internal lectures can seem like a waste of time when notes already available to students are spoken word for word by the teacher, with little elaboration). To integrate eLearning, Powerpoints presented in the classroom can be stored online.

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